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Welcome to Ethics.Wiki - An Ethics and Philosophy Wiki

We're building this wiki so that:

  1. Everybody has a voice in ethical and philosophical issues including people who want to remain anonymous. Everybody has an opinion on some ethical or philosophical issue, and we want to ensure that they can voice it if they want to.
  2. Anybody interested in ethics and philosophy can have a community that listens and takes their opinions seriously.
  3. We can help align the general need for and interests in ethics and philosophy and the resources and expertise of professional academics. This wiki provides a platform for the public and professional academics to write collaboratively.
  4. People without the privilege of attending college can learn and engage with ethics and philosophy in a welcoming environment. Learning ethics and philosophy requires reading, writing, and discussion. We provide all three in one place while current online resources don't.
  5. People who attended college but didn't have the opportunity to engage with ethics and philosophy can do so with other interested and respectful people.
  6. People who studied ethics and philosophy in college can continue pursuing their interests in a rigorous way without having to attend graduate school or otherwise commit to an academic career.
  7. We can host Descriptive Ethics, Normative Ethics, Metaethics, and Applied/Practical Ethics all in the same place. This means we welcome academics trained in any and all disciplines and people in any and all professions.
  8. People can discuss ethics and philosophy in any language and in the context of any culture, so we aren't limiting ethics and philosophy to English-speakers or Europeans. Ethics and philosophy in American colleges and universities has traditionally been limited in this way, and this wiki can help change that.
  9. All articles can be updated continuously to account for new laws, policies, political environments, social changes, and scientific discoveries. Current online resources aren't able to stay up to date in this way.
  10. People with specific, specialized interests can connect in a meaningful way while sharing their interests with others.

We're still setting up the wiki, but if you have any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, or advice, please email us at or

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